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Surgery Undertaken

OGD Scopy

OGD Scopy is oesophago-gastro deuodenoscopy. The term endoscopy refers to a special technique for looking inside part of Body.
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Appendix Procedure

The appendix is the narrow small finger shaped portion of large intestine, the generally hangs down

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is surgery done in morbidly obese patients for weight loss. Obesity is measured in terms of BMI

Gall Bladder

The gall bladder is pear shape organ that sits beneath the liver in right upper abdomen. Its functions are to store bile. It is


Endoscopic refers to the use of an instrument called an endoscope - a thin, flexible tube with a tiny video camera and light


The term colonoscopy means looking inside the colon. It is a procedure performed by a Endoscopist, a well trained subspecialist.

About Us

Dr. Roy Patankar is a well-known Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgeon as well as a leading Endoscopist of Mumbai. Superspecialty Experiance: Dr. Patankar has trained at Southampton, UK in the Hepato pancreatico biliary unit with Professor I. Taylor and Mr. C. D. Johnson for 6 years before doing a Laparoscopic fellowship in Strasbourg France at the world famous IRCAD with Professor Marescaux. He has written chapters for a number of textbooks including the prestigious “Recent advances in Surgery”. He is a faculty at the Ethicon Institute of Laparoscopic training and has more than a dozen International and National Publications. He is also an Asst. Professor of Surgery at Somaiya Medical College.




  • I am writing this letter to you to thank you for providing me relief from my long-standing problem of GERD and Hiatus Hernia. I was suffering from GERD for more than ten years. The antacid medication provided little relief. Very often in the nights, the food would come out thru nose, causing great discomfort and forcing me to sleep in either inclined or sitting posture.

    My brother Dr. Sharad Gaikwad suggested me to consult you for this. After consultation and initial tests, you suggested to undergo laparoscopic operation i.e. Nissen’s Fundoplication. The operation was performed by you on 5th Jan 2016 and I was discharged from the hospital on 7th Jan 2016.

    Now, it is one year after the operation and I am very happy to inform you that I did not have a single bout of reflux after the operation and I am having very sound sleep without any disturbance. Also, I have completely stopped the antacid medication.

    I once again sincerely thank you for giving proper treatment to my long-standing aliment. Further, I wish all the best to you in future. Read more…

    Vijay Gaikwad
  • I was admitted under your care for a laparoscopic procedure for the correction of my right inguinal hernia on to 12th of April 2016 into a private classic room , no. 605 , in the Zen hospital. I would like to convey my very sincere appreciation of your facility which not only met, but surpassed my expectations. Since this has been my very first invasive procedure. Read more…

    Sundar Narayan
  • Last year on this day, Dec 11th, you operated on my dad, Sukumar Mukherjee, for gall bladder removal. I want to thank you for saving my dad’s life. My dad is leading an absolutely normal life. He is 84. He walks, does pushups, takes the stairs to his 1st floor flat and not the lift, drives his car.

    Thank you and the entire Joy hosp team.

    Mrs. Mohua Roy
  • Today is first birth day of 2nd version of Sanjay Jawale. I want to say big Thank you for awarding me 2nd life exactly one year back i.e. on 27th November 2014. You performed colostomy surgery on me for removing cancer from my body.

    2nd version of Sanjay Jawale is doing well and praying well-being of many more years for you.

    May god give you strength and energy for many more years for serving many more people like me.

    Sanjay Jawale

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