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About Surgeon


Name : Dr. Roysuneel V. Patankar

Date of Birth : 26th July, 1965.

Medical Education : Seth G. S. Medical College

Qualifications :

  MBBS, Mumbai 1987

  ECFMG US 1988

  MS, Mumbai 1991.

  FLEX Pennsylvania US 1993

  FRCS (Ed.) 1993.

  FRCS (Glasg.) 1993.

  Advanced Trauma Life Support Certification: Royal College of Surgeons, 1993

  University Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery, Strasbourg, 1995.

  PhD (Gastroenterology), Southampton, 1995.

  FICS International College of Surgeons 1997.

  FMAS : Honorary FMAS Awarded without examination, 2009 at AMASICON, Mumbai

Awarded FMAS (Fellowship of Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India) without examination for services in Laparoscopic Training in Mumbai, May 2009.

  • Awards and Prizes

      FALS awarded without examination 2012 Ahemedabad

      Seth Khimchand Amulakh Pharmacology Prize 1985

      University Merit Scholarship 1990.

      University 1st rank Prize for MS (Gen. Surgery) 1991

      Robert Schuuman Laparoscopic Fellowship, Strasbourg, 1995.

      University Distinctions in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine and        Gen. Surgery.

      2nd Prize – Best Paper session, MASICON, Amravati, 2004.

      Prize awarded for Best Poster at Asia Pacific Coloproctology Meeting, Goa, 2009.

      Received Sushrut Award in 2011

      India today Magazine – Name featuring in top 100 doctors across Mumbai.

  • Affiliations

      Recognised as MUHS Training centre for – Minimal Access Surgery & Colorectal surgery.

      Recognised for DNB Surgery and Anaesthesiology.

      Recognised as IAGES training centre for Minimal Access Surgery.

  • Presentations

      A study of 120 head injuries : Treatment and prognosis, Maharashtra chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India, 1991.

      Bile stasis and vagotomy. Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Radiologists, Southampton, 1993.

      Postvagotomy gallstones. World Congress of HPB surgery, Paris 1993.

      Effect of cisapride on gallbladder motility. British Society of Gastroenterology, Manchester, 1993.

      Effect of pancreatic enzyme supplementation on course of acute pancreatitis. Pancreatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland,        Scarborough 1993.

      Effect of Chronic pancreatitis on plasma CCK and PP levels. Bayliss and Starling Society, Southampton, 1993.

      Effect of Pyloroplasty on plasma CCK levels. Physiological Society, Liverpool, 1993.

      Patient problems after colostomy. Paper selected and presented at the prize session, International Gastrosurgical Club Madrid 1994.

      Comparison of dual headed vs single headed cholescintigraphy for investigation of gallbladder motility. British Nuclear Medicines        Society, London 1994.

      Effect of dual versus triple therapy in the eradication of H. Pylori. Eurosurgery Berlin, 1994.

      Effect of bolus intravenous amino acids on gallbladder emptying and plasma CCKand PP levels. European Pancreatic Club, Bologna, 1995.

      Effect of oral pancreatic enzyme supplementation on plasma CCK and PP levels in healthy volunteers and patients with chronic        pancreatitis. American Gastroenterology Association, San Diego, 1995.

      Duodenal injuries: A study of 13 cases. Maharashtra Chapter – ASI meeting Aurangabad, 1996.

      Thoracoscopic drainage of paraspinal abscess. International college of surgeons meeting – Indore, 1997.

      Port site mycbacterioses following Laparoscopic Surgery. Prize awarded in best paper session MASICON 1999, Akola.

      HIV and the Surgeon. MASICON 2000. Sholapur.

      Role of Laparoscopy in management of RIF pain. MASICON 2002, Pune.

      Laparoscopic management of diaphragmatic hernia. MASICON 2003, Nagpur.

      Review of antireflux procedures. MASICON 2003. Nagpur.

      Foreign body in CBD-and unusual case, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Laparoscopic adrenalectomy for adrenal myelolipma, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Laparoscopic management of hydatid cyst – Do’s and Dont’s, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Combined endo-laparoscopic approach for giant pseudocyst pancreas, MASICON 2006 Nanded.

      Cystolaparoscopy for a large Bladder Diverticulum in a patient with CRF, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Ruptured Amebic liver abscess – laparoscopic debridement and lavage ? gold standard, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Thoracoscopic lung reduction surgery for bullous disease, MASICON 2006, Nanded.

      Para-esophageal Hernia with Gastric volvulus:Lesson Learnt, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Thoracoscopic bulla stapling for recurrent pneumothorax, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy for pancreatic pseudo cyst: A feasible option, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Laparoscopic Incisional hernia: Do’s and Don’ts, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Laparoscopic Esophageal Diverticulectomy, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Mesocolic Internal Hernia : A Rarity!, MASICON 2007, Kolhapur.

      Diaphragmatic hernia managed laparoscopically MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Endoscopic Removal of unusual foreign bodies from Stomach. MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Laparoscopic Rectopexy: A viable option to open rectopexy for complete rectal rolapse. MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Laparoscopic treatement of Ruptured Liver Abscess MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Redo lap cholecystectomy:A emerging problem in Laparoscopic Era MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      A case of spleenic cyst managed laparoscopically MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Boerhaves syndrome: Thoracolaparoscopic Approach. MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Oesophageal Manometry : Is it mandatory prior to Fundoplication surgery MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      ODS (Obstructive defecation Syndrome) A predictor of poor results after anorectal surgery MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Laparoscopic nepherectomy:Is It the new Gold standard MASICON 2008, Aurangabad.

      Para-esophageal Hernia with Gastric volvulus: Lesson Learnt AMASICON 2009.

      Thoracoscopic bulla stapling for recurrent pneumothorax AMASICON 2009.

      Laparoscopic cystogastrostomy for pancreatic pseudo cyst: A feasible option MASICON 2009.

      Laparoscopic Incisional hernia: Do’s and Don’ts AMASICON 2009.

      Laparoscopic Esophageal Diverticulectomy AMASICON 2009.

      Mesocolic Internal Hernia : A Rarity! AMASICON 2009.

      Stapled Trans-Anal Rectal Resection (STARR) procedures for obstructive Defecation Syndrome: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Defecography: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Cholecystectomy for lateral CBD Injury difficulty during cholecystectomy: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Primary repair of Hiatus Hernia with PTFE mesh: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopic total Colectomy for FAP and UC: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      NOTES (Natural Orifis Trans-Luminal Endoscopic Surgery: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopy using narrow band imaging: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopic Lymphocele: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopic Management of Choledochal Cyst: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Thoracoscopic management of empyema in children: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      Laparoscopic management of imperforate anus: AMASICON 2010, Solapur.

      KEYNOTE Address in “Innovation in Coloproctology”, Berlin June 2010: Obstructive Defecation Syndrome.

      Podium Presentation: ACRSICON Sept 2010: Evaluation & Treatment of Obstructive Defecation.

  • Clinical Experience

    Feb. 1988 to July 1988 : House Officer Gen. Surgery to Prof. A B Samsi, KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

    Aug. 1988 to Jan 1989 : House officer Paediatric Surgery to Prof. P. Madhok B.J. Wadia Hospital, Mumbai.

    Feb. 1989 to Jan 1991 : Registrar Gen. Surgery to Dr. D. K. Dastur Dr. R. N. Cooper Hospital, Mumbai.

    Feb. 1991 to July 1991 : Registrar Gen. Surgery to Dr. D. R. Hattangad K.B. Bhabha Hospital, Mumbai.

    Sept. 1991 to Oct. 1995 : Clinical Fellow / Research Registrar to Prof. I. Taylor & Mr. C. D. Johnson, Dept. of Surgery, Southampton University       Hospitals, Southampton U.K.

    Sept. 1991 to Oct. 1995 : On calls were done at senior Registrar level in General Surgery and Vascular Surgery.

    Oct. 1997 to date : Associate Professor of Surgery. K.J. Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai.

    Oct. 1999 to date : Faculty Member Ethicon Institute Laparoscopic Surgery, Mumbai.

  • OPhD Thesis

    Done in Professorial Surgical Unit, Department of GI Surgery, Southampton General Hospital, Southampton, UK

    Guide : Mr. L. D. Johnson Reader

    Topic : Evaluation of role of CCK and H-pylori in gallbladder mobility. PhD Rewarded Nov-2009

    Chapters :

    H-pylori for the surgeon. Recent advances in surgery 19. Churchill Livingstone. London 1996.

    1st Successful NOTES Omental / Peritoneal biopsy in Western India, November, 2009.

  • Research Interests

      Port site problems after laparoscopy.

      Esophageal & Rectal manometry.

      Pelvic floor dysfunction.

      Obstructive defecation syndrome.

      Port site problems after laparoscopy.

      Rectal manometry.

      Esophageal manometry. More than 1000 esophageal manometries performed for evaluation of motility disorders, GERD pre-operative        patients and for non cardiac chest pain.

  • Clinical Interests

      Laparoscopic anti-reflux surgery : Largest series of anti-reflux surgeries in India with more than 450 Nissens Fundoplication performed.        Referral high volume centre for esophageal surgery. Training courses for laparoscopic esophageal mobilization, Fundoplication and        Achalasia.

      Achalasia : More than 110 surgeries done with large series of cardiomyotomies with intra-operative endoscopy and intra-operative        esophageal manometries.

      NOTES : 1st NOTE surgery in Western India with trans-vaginal omental biopsy for malignancy ascites performed in 2009

      Narrow Band Laparoscopy : Pioneering technique of using narrow band imaging and chromoendoscopy techniques for diagnostic and        preoperative staging laparoscopy.

      Obstructive Defecation Syndrome

  • Training Programs for Doctors

      Basic & Advanced Laparascopic Surgery

      Therapeutic Endoscopy

      Stapler Piles Surgery.

    More than 450 Surgeons trained from all over India & International Surgeons from Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Yemen & Egypt

  • Recent Workshops

      13th Oct 2012 – Laparoscopic fundoplication workshop

      3rd Nov 2012 – Laparoscopic Ventral hernia wokshop

      4th Nov 2012 – CME on GI and HPB surgery.

      5th Nov 2012 – STARR workshop.